Our Story

Abe Falk was a farmer at heart, working with farmers and ranchers to maximize the productivity of their operations. When the company was formed it primarily sold agricultural products to farms and ranches throughout the Province of BC. Among many other things, this included seeds, fencing products, and hardware to cattle ranches. This extended to agricultural builders as well, particularly those providing services to the animal confinement housing industry.

In 1989, when Les Friesen joined the company, sales to lumber yards and hardware stores of Reflectix Insulation and several other product lines began. Reflectix is a foil-faced, bubble core insulation product that was initially developed for installation in agricultural buildings to reduce heat stress in animals, so it fit well with the agricultural focus of the company.

As time went on the Reflectix product gained wide acceptance in many other applications as well. For example, the installation of Low Emissivity ceilings in ice arenas became a strong and innovative market for the company. Another market that grew rapidly in the 1990’s was the application as a Power Smart product, attracting large amounts of government funding for various clients looking to reduce power consumption for their buildings and appliances.

Many more product lines were added through the years, with one line in particular gaining momentum, that is the line of Legacy Wood Vents. These vents are offered for sale on line, as well as in many local stores, and across Canada

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